Worsts of VMA



Worsts and two almosts, to be exact.


Okay, I understand jokes, I just don’t always like them. It’s kinda the same situation right now. I mean, WHAT?! Katy Perry and Riff Raff (talking about jokes…) brought Britney and Justin back from 2001. It wasn’t the coolest look back then and now..it’s really just an inside joke between them. Brave, I have to say, brave.


Let’s show some skin. I mean it’s fine and sexy and everything, but you have to know where to show and how much of it. If you put half of your butt out, keep the balance and give as something of your arms too! I mean, it’s like you’re sleeping in underwear and you wake up with the blanket only on your upper side, showing everything else. Sorry, Taylor, but it’s not my fave from you.


Oh, this one I just don’t understand, but it might be totally my fault, though. The sound of  my heart, the beat goes on and on and on and on and, Boom Clap, You make me feel (not that) good. Come on to me come on to me now. No silver or no gold could dress me up so good. You’re the glitter in the darkness of my world. There’s no need for silver or gold, but I would have preferred to see that darkness with some glitter.

charli-xcx-idolator-com Okay, showing some skin again… but I feel like Amber Rose did it in the wrong way, too. And I don’t even wanna know who designed this dress.




And now let’s see the the “almosts”.
Somehow I can forgive them.

Lorde is just…Lorde, c’mon. It’s her. I couldn’t even imagine something way too different on her. And Ariana… I think, she’s the only one who is able to wear those s&m shoes without being scandalous. She’s just doing something right.

instagram: @lordemusic

instagram: @lordemusic






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