I’ve been really inactive lately and I have my reasons for that. I’m really sorry. But I think about this blog basically everyday, so I already have a lot of plans when I get back here. I’m gonna change the profile of it, gonna make more Hungarian contents and more about arts other than fashion too. In spring – as the whole world – my blog is gonna get a refreshing new start.
(And then I’m probably gonna change the ‘about’ part below… until that I leave it :D)

Hey there,

Thank you for checking my blog out! I’m Bettina (21) from Budapest, Hungary.

I’m a makeup-artist, media student, fashion writer. I’m into style, I don’t follow fashion, I only follow what I like and I write about that – or about what and why I don’t like – only in English for now. So it might be obvious that my blog is about fashion, style, design and other arts. Why I started this blog? I want to improve my writing skills and my English. And I also wanted a place to share my thoughts.

If you want to ask anything, or share anything with me or you have an idea to collaborate, let me know! Write me a letter to votsblog@gmail.com

You can find me and my inspirations also on PinterestWeHeartIt, Polyvore and Instagram.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, check out my most personal post yet HERE.

(And yes, you’ll find the print of my kiss in the end of every post 😉 )

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