What’s up?! Be back in the fall + #CEFD

I have been really really neglecting this blog lately. I could fill up these lines with all of my excuses like traveling, editing, writing, working and finishing school, but it doesn’t change the facts. Yes, I’ve been way too busy, but it’s all my time-management that caused it, so no complaining. And of course the blog is always in the back of my mind so I got a nice notebook full of notes, drawings, layouts, plans, etc… 😉

In the next 5 months I will be in computer-close-situations basically only for 6 weeks. Besides that, I will travelling and working behind the “real” life in the actual real life which I really can’t wait. But in September I’ll be back, right in time to refresh everything and be more than ready for the Central European Fashion Days right here in Budapest just after the Paris Fashion Week.

I spent a little time with the organizers this Tuesday at their press conference about the “Gombold újra” international competition (finally with 6 countries in, can’t wait!). This year the young designers form Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and Serbia all have to get their inspiration from our home outside of home – from one of the other Central European countries besides their own. I bet it’s gonna be a polychrome runway in the final. I’m really excited about it, so in like half a year, I tell you a lot more about it, I just ask for a little time.


Summer mini-wishlist


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This gallery contains 15 photos.

I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make time to write to my blog, but I promise I’m working on making my schedule better. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve moved to the Netherlands. I’m already familiar with the city … Continue reading

College Edition

Ugyan lassan 3 hete készültek a képek, úgy érzem a mai két vizsga után épp aktuálisak.


Well, these photos were taken like 3 weeks ago, but after my two exams today, I think it’s the right time to post them. Continue reading

Tiny little details about me


and from an other series:
Who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell…
OK maybe little by little I’ll do. 😉

18 facts +1 ‘extra’ funfact about me

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Black is such a happy color!

Több mint egy hét elteltével eljutottam odáig, hogy feltöltsem a képeket.. Ha élhetek egy ilyen közhellyel, jobb később, mint soha. 😉

A fotókért megint köszönet a Mercyy Photography-nak! ♥


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Finally the photos are here after more than a week. If I can use such a cliche, better late than never. 😉

Thanks for the photos Mercyy Photography, again! 

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Fashion “Week” Budapest


Jupp, jupp… Ebben a szezonban én is ott voltam! Hogy éreztem magam? Olvassatok tovább és kiderül. (:

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